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Receive Salvation

Because every person has committed some kind of sin, if there was a trial today, we would all be found guilty. The only reason anyone goes to heaven is because when God, the righteous judge, declared us guilty, Jesus stepped in and said punish me instead of them. That is why he was punished so severely on the cross. He was punished instead of us. Salvation is available to anyone who can accept this truth. If you have accepted the truth of the gospel and are ready to pray, below is the prayer of salvation:

“Father, I come in the name of Jesus, the one who took the punishment for what I have done wrong in this life. Jesus, I receive you now as my personal savior and I thank you from my heart for my salvation.”


If you prayed that prayer and would like help with your newfound faith, please click the button below to let us know! Congratulations for making the best decision of your life! We would be happy to send you some resources free of charge to get you started on your journey.

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