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Radio Broadcasts

Radio Broadcasts

Hope Radio

Hope Radio (Shortwave)

Our messages bring hope to a countless number of people all across the continent of Asia. They air on Hope Radio via shortwave transmitters Angel 4 and Angel 5 on the Island of Palau.

Angel 4 / 15.680 mhz

0115 – 0130 UTC Sunday (9:15pm-9:30pm ET Saturday)

0115 – 0130 UTC Saturday (9:15pm-9:30pm ET Friday)

Angel 4 Broadcast  

Angel 5 / 9.965 mhz

0815 – 0830 UTC Sunday (4:15am-4:30am ET Sunday)

0930 – 1000 UTC Sunday (5:30am-6:00am ET Sunday)

0812 – 0827 UTC Monday - Friday (4:12am-4:27am ET Monday - Friday)

0845 – 0900 UTC Saturday (4:45am-5:00am ET Saturday)

Angel 5 Broadcast  

WMBS Radio


We are now on the radio in Pennsylvania near our Monongahela church location! We broadcast on WMBS out of Uniontown, PA on 590 AM and 101.1 FM!

590 AM

Sunday 8:45am ET

101.1 FM

Sunday 8:45am ET

WMBS Website  

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