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Being baptized in water is an outward manifestation of our faith in Jesus Christ. It symbolizes the death of our “old man” as we lay that person down in the water grave and rise anew as a new creature in Christ. Please follow the steps below to get baptized.

Step 1: Listen to the teachings

Step 2: Fill out the packets

Please complete and return your baptism packet at least one week before the baptism service.

Water Baptism Packet Spirit Filled Packet

Step 3: Get baptized

Once you’ve been reviewed and accepted to participate in a baptism, you’ll be given the date, time, and location of the service. You may be asked to meet with a member of our leadership team to discuss any questions or comments you may have.

What to Bring/Wear

On the day of the ceremony, use this checklist to help organize your things so you won’t be frustrated by forgetting something you may need.

  • (3) Large Bath Towels (you may also choose to bring a robe)
  • “Water Shoes” (beach shoes or an old pair of shoes that you can wear into the water)
  • Change of dry clothes (all layers)
  • Large plastic bag to put your wet clothes in
  • If you have any special conditions, you may also wish to wear goggles, ear plugs, or nose clips to prevent any damage
  • Wear dark colors (NO white or light colored tops or bottoms)
  • Please dress modestly in loose fitting clothing (NO tight fitting or inappropriate clothing)