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Women of Witness

Women of Witness

We focus on enriching the lives of women by practicing principles of Godly wisdom.

Monthly Meeting

Now meeting in person and online over Zoom! Many of us do not have a mother or a mentor that can tell us what we need to know when we need to know it. As women, we are not just called to be what we are looking for, we are called to become what we were created to be. At Women of Witness, we walk with you to encourage and equip you to be confident and pure young women, complete and holy young mothers and wives, fulfilled and facilitating older women and most importantly, to fulfill the call of God upon our lives in every step along the way.

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Meeting Location:

Restoration Church International
2198 Blue Horizon Drive, Morgantown, WV 26501

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Women, know this... you can reach your destiny and yet be the kind of wife, mother, sister and lover that your husband and family not only want to be around, but want to love and cherish! Find out how you can become a part of Women of Witness here!


Book for WOW Study:


Christina Meredith

Praying in Tongues is Normal

Presentation Assignments

    Foreward: Carol J.
  1. Heidi C.

  2. Lisa M.

  3. Brandi M.

  4. Deborah H.

  5. Cindy M. & Sharon B.

  6. Nadine T.

  7. Sandy S.

  8. Samantha B. & Nadine T.

  9. AnDrena N. & Carolyn C.

  10. Deborah H. and AnDrena N.

  11. Amber J.

  12. Claudette T.

  13. Darlene H.

  14. Brandi M. and Heidi C.

  15. Epologue: Vania D. & Megan